Be Confident in the Safety of Others

When it comes to fire, safety is of the utmost importance. Between the rigorous training firefighters go through and the dangerous jobs they risk their lives for to save others, it’s a well-deserved and rewarding field to work in. Although firefighters do most of the job, it’s important that you do yours as well.

While homes should have fire alarm systems, buildings should have a complete list of fire protective systems installed properly by a certified Sprinkler fitter. These systems should work properly throughout the entirety of the building in the event of a fire. So how can you be sure that your fire protective systems are operating correctly. Confidence tests are expected to be scheduled throughout the year by building owners. They should schedule semi-annual, annual, and five-year confidence tests without having to be being notified by the Seattle Fire Department.

During the confidence tests, licensed testers will inspect the condition and efficiency of many types of fire protective systems. From wet and Dryl systems and all types of automatic sprinklers to fire escapes, spray booths, Hazmat emergency alarm systems, stairway door locks, and more, they’ll check each one during certain tests.

For instance, every 6 months, licensed testers check your building’s range hood; every year they’ll inspect your sprinkler and smoke control systems; and every five years, they’ll inspect your building’s standpipe and fire escapes. Confidence testing is intended to give firefighters and yourself confidence that your building is safe and up to code each and every year.

To learn more about confidence testing in Seattle, WA, contact the professionals from Columbia Fire. We specialize in sprinkler system service and repair, and so much more. If one of your systems fails to pass inspection, count on us to fix or repair it so passes the next time around.