Commercial & Residential Fire Sprinklers, Confidence Inspection and Testing, & Other Fire Protection Service and Maintenance in Seattle, WA.


Overall, the Columbia Fire staff has a combined 393 years of fire protection service in Seattle WA. When you’re working with Columbia Fire, you know you’re getting reliable fire sprinkler system installation. We provide complete fire protection services for businesses, organizations, government buildings, restaurants and more in the greater Puget Sound area.

Our Focus Is Your Safety

We Want To Make Sure Your Employees, Property, And Valuables Are Safe From The Dangers Of Potential Fires

We take pride in our “customer first” approach. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure your property and valuables are protected from fire hazards and that your building meets fire safety codes.


Working With Columbia Fire Means You Have A
Single-Source Solution For All Fire Protection Services

Our Experienced Fire Safety Professionals Specialize In All Aspects Of Fire Protection

We are knowledgeable in everything from fire suppression system design and engineering to sales, installation, testing, inspection, maintenance and repairs of fire sprinklers and fire pumps.

When It Comes to Fire Sprinklers Systems and Fire Protection, Trust Columbia Fire to Provide Both Service & Knowledge

With Columbia Fire, we can help you stay safe. Contact us today for more information on fire sprinkler installation and fire protection services!


Company Core Values

We actively listen to each other and our customers. We face conflict and engage to resolve the problem quickly. We provide clear expectations at each pass-off of ownership in all projects and processes.

We trust each other and will work to support each other. We individually work to provide a product and a service that all team members are proud to represent.

We are proud of our team, our quality, and product. We stand behind our work with pride. We face conflict, actively engaging with each other to resolve issues early, quickly, and thoroughly.

We dependably take care of our customers’ needs, providing quality products and services every time. We do what we said we were going to do, when we said we would do it, for the price we promised, and then throw in a little extra.

We are empowered to make decisions that drive the company forward and support our team on each project. Employees are self-driven and self-managing.

Company Background

Columbia Fire was founded in 2005 as a local 699 union fire sprinkler testing/inspection and service/maintenance company in Seattle.

After 18 years, the company grew to 60 employees and approximately $20M in annual revenue, and we are still growing. In 2021, the business was restructured with additional investors excited to see the business grow both organically and through acquisition. We are establishing a robust infrastructure of defined and sustainable processes to scale through adding additional service offerings of monitoring, installation, inspection/testing, service, and maintenance of the following new systems: fire alarm, fire extinguishers, clean agent special hazard fire suppression, and low voltage electrical services, as well as a larger geographical footprint intended eventually for WA, OR, MT, ID, UT, NV. Join our team at this pivotal and exciting time of growth!