How to Protect Your Home from Fire

Precautions to Take in Your Home to Prevent Fires

While people are naturally concerned about the security and safety of their families, they often overlook the damage that can be caused by fire. The National Fire Prevention Agency found that fire caused an estimated $7 billion in damage in 2015. Fire can spread very quickly, so it’s vital to prepare your home and family as well as possible.


While it’s impossible for your home to be 100% fireproof, you can get pretty close to that number by following a few simple steps:


  1. Make sure there is no debris or combustible materials lying around. This includes trimming trees and shrubs properly as well as keeping your lawn well-maintained.
  2. Use fire-resistant materials whenever possible if you are having your home remodeled or putting on an addition.
  3. Equip your home with a fire alarm system. This system can include a residential fire sprinkler system too.
  4. Keep a shovel and fire extinguisher in an accessible place so you can swiftly put out small fires.
  5. Put a fire safety plan in place, and be sure to discuss and practice this fire safety plan with the members of your household so that everyone is on the same page.


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